Hello world!

Welcome to Everything Is Sound.
Think about it…it is…Sound is everywhere.  Even silence can be deafening, to some.
Without getting too deep on the intro page, I’d like to introduce my story..the summary. I’ve loved music all of my life.  I remember being in my parents van and I’d be the DJ and change the 8 track cassettes! Yeah, a while ago! I switched between The Beatles and Queen, I don’t remember the others.
I studied to music, I made up songs to remember things for school, I also read aloud to my dogs too. I’ve attempted to play the piano, guitar and bass guitar (was briefly in a band in high school) and I sing.
In my early twenties, I had a few years of poor health.  I started with Mononucleosis at 21, then Lyme Disease, Shingles and Bell’s Palsy.  Yeah.  Then I lived my life as a Veterinary Assistant, receptionist and Licensed Veterinary Technician, had my own pet business and then, worked for a groomer and met my husband. Then in my late thirties, I was diagnosed with a slew of other invisible illnesses that I blog about on; <a href=”http://www.ourlastembryo.wordpress.com”>www.ourlastembryo.wordpress.com</a>. I had numerous surgeries, twice a year! I was swallowed!
And then I was introduced to Sound healing!  It started with Crystal bowl meditation, then an Intensive Tibetan Bowl treatment changed it all.  My anxiety was gone, my pain is almost gone and if it comes, I place a bowl on myself to meditate and clear my mind. So, the logical step was to learn from the master at IASH, International Academy of Sound Healing, Satya.  It has been and is a constant journey.
Grateful for it all.
Right after my first level training, I was invited to a Horse Rescue to play for someone’s horses.  The response from them, was inexplicable.  Pure LOVE. That’s it!
I learn everyday the power of intention and love and energy, from myself, the universe, others and sound. The Vibration and sound travel everywhere, through every thing.  Our bodies are primarily water, sound makes ripples in the water and therefore can go throughout our bodies and send healing energy where we need it most.  Which is similar to what I’ve been taught in reiki, that it goes where it needs to.  Same for sound! And in both cases, the person offering the sound healing or reiki also receives!  It’s an energy exchange from a loving place.
Welcome!  Please look at my site and feel free to reply or email me at anytime!